Education Policy

Fredericton Junior A Red Wings

Education Policy

The Fredericton Red Wings value and respect the commitments made by both players and families to our team and the community. It is our mission to support the student-athletes with the very best learning environment. In this, it is hoped that every player may achieve his personal educational goals. To accomplish this, the team has adopted the following:

The Red Wings will have an Educational Advisor to support the academic expectations outlined in the Educational Policies and parents of Red Wing team members.

The Educational Advisor will meet early in the season with each player after the roster is announced. A plan will be created to assist the player in meeting team and parental education expectations.

As the season progresses, the Education Advisor will check in with players to offer assistance and support in meeting goals. For those in high school, the Educational Advisor will be in close contact with the school and the players teachers. Players taking Post-Secondary will be supported as required. It is expected that these players will advocate for themselves and seek assistance where necessary.

Team Expectations

The team expects all players to be enrolled in an academic program (completing high school or equivalent, upgrading at the high school college or university) and or some combination of volunteer/paid work. This will vary from player to player based on needs.

Players taking fall courses must be enrolled by mid-September and players taking second semester courses must be enrolled by mid-January.

All educational needs will be addressed promptly, and interventions developed to ensure academic success for all players. Tutoring in all subjects and at all levels will be offered to the players.

The Educational Advisor will ensure that all players will be offered the opportunity to complete their academic program where they are registered or in consultation with the schools liaise with the players home school to facilitate and ease transition.

Regular communication will occur between Educational Advisor and the rest of Team Management.

Player Expectations

That all players adhere to the team’s Educational Policy.

That all players will attend high school (or equivalent) until graduation.

That all players enrolled in an educational program are expected to participate fully in all classes and maintain a passing grade.

That open (not specified start or end-date) on-line courses are completed in a timeline consistent with September to December and January to April and always in consultation with the Educational Advisor.

Prior to registering for courses, players should consult with the Educational Advisor to ensure that the courses are in line with the player’s educational direction.

Once a player is registered for a course, they need to print off the course outline and submit to the Educational Advisor within two weeks of start-up for monitoring of assignments, assessment and deadlines.

Education Advisor Expectations

To liaise with the players/schools and parents.

To communicate with Team Management as required

To assist and facilitate the registration process at high school and post-secondary pathways.

To provide academic counselling and support including facilitating tutor assistance when necessary.


Educational Advisor Contact

Kevin Pottle