Toonie Draw

The Fredericton Red Wings are hosting a Weekly 50 / 50 Lotto completely online!

The winner will receive 50% of the Jackpot, with the other 50% going to support the Player Support Program.

How Does It Work?

It costs only $2 per week to play! Each player is given one or more numbers (each number is $2/week), and this number remains in the draw for one year (52 weeks) from the last date that number was played. This means there’s a chance that your number can be drawn at any time during that year! If there’s a week where you don’t play your number, but that your number is drawn, you’re that week’s ‘non-winner’ and the money gets put back into the pot and carried forward to the next week, growing the jackpot.

Please use the Link Below and Signup to Help support the Players and possibly take home some of the WINNINGS!!