Red Wings Acquire Mark Rumsey from the Ramblers

Red Wing Trade Acquisition 

The Fredericton Jr Red Wings of the MHL are pleased to announce the acquisition through trade with the Amherst Ramblers, 18-Year-old forward Mark Rumsey from St John’s Newfoundland.

Mark is a draft pick in 2017 of the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL, he will attend his third training camp this August with the Wildcats.
Rumsey, a power forward at 6 foot 4, 205 lbs, played last season in the Newfoundland Major Midget league, accumulating 31 points in 18 games.

Roger Shannon then GM of the Moncton Wildcats drafted Mark to the Cats in 2017 says “this is a huge get for the team. If Mark does not play next season in the QMJHL, he will be a big first line addition to the Red Wings”. The Red Wings gave up a 2nd and 8th round pick in the 2020 MHL Midget Draft.

Coach Brian Casey, a fellow Newfoundlander says “Mark Rumsey is an elite player, and we will be very happy to insert him into our line up in a key role, we wish him well in Moncton at training camp, we have a spot for him if things do not go perfect there”.

QMJHL Training Camps open August 14th around the league, followed by the Red Wing Training Camp opening August 27th at the Grant Harvey Center in Fredericton. Stay tuned for announcements on camp over the next weeks.
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Brooke Harding
Red Wings Media Coordinator