Community Hero

‘The Fredericton Red Wings are an organization that is community-minded and with that spirit in mind, we have been reaching out all over our geographical boundaries to raise awareness of our program, our players and the Maritime Hockey League, said Shannon, the president and governor of the Red Wings. ‘We want to embrace our community whether it’s appearances at local schools, fundraising initiatives or just rolling up our sleeves and working with those who support us and those who want to know more about the Wings and the MHL. We have been really encouraged with Fredericton and its surrounding communities. Now we want to reward those among us who are leaders as recognition for community-minded awareness.’

With that in mind, the Red Wings are partnering with the Epsilon Ys Service Club to present the Community Hero Award program. 

 The program will recognize a Community Hero monthly during one of our games.

 ‘Every community has that person who works tirelessly for the benefit of others and it’s not just about sports or hockey,’ said Shannon. ‘It’s about recognizing that person in your area that works to make it safer or who continually gives their time to help those less fortunate. We’re looking for nominations from the arts, culture, neighborhood, recreation, business or non-profit sector in the community. Everyone knows that person. The Red Wings and the Epsilon Ys Service Club want those individuals to be recognized at a Red Wings’ home game.’

A committee will choose a Community Hero Award selection based on nominations. Each nominator is asked to write a description of their community leader in 200 words or less.

There will also be a framed photo at a designated Community Hero Award wall of fame and a financial donation cheque from the Red Wings and the Y’s Service Club to the recipient’s favourite organization.

You can write – attention Community Hero Award – care of Fredericton Red Wings, to

You will be contacted directly, and arrangements will be made to create a video of the winning individual which will be shared at a Red Wings’ home game.

‘The Red Wings truly are about our local communities and the support we have received this year in our first season has been phenomenal,’ Shannon said. ‘We look forward to meeting our Community Hero Program winners. They deserve to be recognized and we can’t wait to play a role in helping create awareness for community leaders.’

“When we were approached by the Red Wings with this idea, we did not hesitate, it epitomizes what we feel about our community team and why we do what we do, we are very excited to be apart of the Community Hero Program and happy to assist” Glen Abbott President Epsilon Y Service Club

2019 Winners – Congratulations

Dave Morell

 Steve Burns

Imelda Perly

Renee Godin 

Brian Jones

Dr. Heather Readstone and Retired Sgt. Peter Sova

2020, 2021 & 2022 – no program due to Covid restrictions